2.0 Telugu Movie 2018 Review

2.0 Telugu Movie 2018 Review – Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar – Shankar | Cinemaizm

STORY :  Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar), Associate in Nursing animal scientist turned social activist, tries to teach the society concerning the negative effects of telephone radiation. As his pleadings go in vain, Pakshi Raju commits suicide and returns as a fifth force. He makes each movable within the town disappear, attacks people who too use cell phones. As entire town is paralytic, Government and Robo soul Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) along deploy the Robo CHITTI to affect the evil force. Rest of the film is all concerning the war between the Pakshi Raju’s huge force and Chitti’s counter acts to contain the evil.


 Action scenes between Chitti and Pakshiraju

 The first and foremost factor that hits you quickly is that the sheer scale of the film. excluding having a real social message, Shankar has imaginary one thing very totally different and created a visible spectacle that Indian show lover may be pleased with. You can’t however praise the munificence of the project as each penny spent is showcased through very good visuals on screen.

 Rajinikanth like invariably surprises you along with his childlike enthusiasm. He plays totally different characters and will justice to every one in all them. Especially, with the 2.0 version, wherever he comes up with distinctive mannerisms is simply superb and can be favorite by the fans fully. Amy Jackson is great because the mechanical man and will her role absolutely.

 Perhaps, nobody may have done the role higher than Akshay Kumar WHO plays the antagonist. The film industry wizard is superb because the evil bird associated elevates the proceedings within the half an hour fully. the style during which the graphics are used on Akshay, his makeup, and also the approach he fights a pair of.0 is much too sensible.


 One of the fundamental minus points is that Chitti a pair of.0 is brought manner too late within the proceedings. Also, the flashback of Akshay Kumar slows down the tempo at the start of the last half.

 There is not abundant diversion within the film because it runs on a heavy thread and has less scope for love or comedy. All people who watch Hollywood films heaps can for certain compare a pair of 2.0 with those standards and may notice the VFX in a pair of.0 a touch uninteresting.


On the full, 2.0 could be a visual entertainment that causes you to go wow in each that approach. Be it the international level VFX, thrills between Rajini and Akshay, lavish sets and wonderful climax, this film has it all and could be a thrilling expertise for the viewers. As 2.0 includes a universal theme, it’ll be fair-haired everywhere the country and break many records within the south. ejection an equivalent recent sensible vs evil construct and Akshay Kumar’s uninteresting flashback, 2.0 is one film that ought to solely be fully fledged on the massive screen as scientific thrillers like these area unit seldom created in Asian nation. What area unit you anticipating, simply book your tickets and watch the film along with your family and have a whale of a time.

cinemaizm.com Rating 3.5/5

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