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Kathalo “Lakshmi Parvathi”

Lakshmi Parvathi was born on 14-09-1955 in India. She is an Indian Politician, Writer & Founder.

She is an Indian writer, and politician. She is the president as well as the founder of NTR TDP.  From the Telugu University of Andhra Pradesh, she completed her education in Telugu Literature. She completed her education in the year 2000.  NTR TDP stands for N.T. Rama Rao Telugu Desam Party. Lakshmi Parvathi founded the political party of Andhra Pradesh in india.

‘I used to love watching NTR Films so much. In those days, My day wouldn’t end without seeing four films of Anna garu’.

‘As a child, I looked up to NTR as a God. When I was in College, I began treating him as a Lover.when I was pursuing Mphil in Telugu University in between the period 1989-1990 I got a chance  to meet him . with the help of AP Bhavan in-charge Kishan Rao when he came to take part in Andhra State Formation Ceremony i got a chance to meet NTR in New Delhi. Soon after I fell on his feet, NTR placed his hands on my shoulders and wiped off my tears’.

one day ntr has come to me and propose for marriage . when he showed me the phone bill i was shocked because bill was 3.5 lacks .In 1992 our marriage was done secretly . But his family never accepted me as one of the family member and they have even kidnapped  me.

Before Marriage With Sr NTR!

Almost all the Telugu audience is aware of that Hindu deity Parvathi and plenty of of them don’t understand that what she was doing before her wedding with NTR. Hindu deity Parvathi 1st married Veeragandham Subba rao, a harikatha performing artist, and incorporates a son Koteshwara Rao.

Kathalo ” Laxmi Parvathi” : 

  • One single step that created love within the heart of 1 man however conjointly hate in lots of. however that single step conjointly re-motivated him to yet again create scores of folks love him.
  • It’s a romance jam-packed with emotion,jealousy,power mongering, backstabbing and particularly unbelievable buryrelationship conflicts

Coming before long by the tip of next year to achieve the folks of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Yeppudu controversy laki deggara undey mana rgv garu emadya inko controversy ki tera tisaru adey andi
Ayana tiyaboye kottha cinema “LAKSHMI’s NTR”.

Kevalam peru thoney dummu dulipestunna e cinema ki oka kotha akarshana thodaindi adey ahh cinema first look . Anthey adhi chusina tarvatha varmani abhimanincheyvallu abba yem undi ra look ani anna adhi oka maha vyakthi jivita katha kabatti vimarsalu kuda balanga vastunnayi vasthu unnayi.

Lakshmi parvathi garu ntr gari jivitam loki vachaka ayana jivitham inko malupu tirigindani ayana ahh marpulu yelanti parinamalaku dari tisindhe anedey e cinema yokka mukhya uddesaam ani telsutundi,

Ayithe Lakshmi parvathiki ippudu ntr kutumbam tho gani leda mari ithara kutumba sabyulatho yelanti matalu rakapokalu levu ani andariki telisindhe ilantappudu e cinema release release ki mundey inni controversylaki karanam aithe mari elopu inkenni jarugutayo chudali cinema vachey deepavaliki release avtundani already varma tana style lo cheppakaney chepparu……..

NTR’s లక్ష్మి బాంబ్

ఈ దీపావళి సంగతి సరే కాని వచ్చే దీపావళిలో మాత్రం NTR గారి ఆత్మ అంటించే చాలా చాలా లక్ష్మి బాంబులు పేలబోతున్నాయి..
Happy Next Year’s DIWALI🔥🔥🔥

– #MuraliDamaraju

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