MLA Telugu Movie Review | Nandamuri Kalyan Ram MLA Movie Review | Cinemaizm

MLA Telugu Movie Review | Nandamuri Kalyan Ram MLA Movie Review | Cinemaizm


Cast                            :  Kalyan Ram & Kajal Aggarwal.
Directer                     : Upendra Madhav,
Music Directer         : Mani Sharma.
Producer                   : Bharath Chowdary.
Production company: Blue Planet Entertainment.
Cast & Crew Movie : MLA Starring : Kalyan Ram & Kajal Aggarwal Directed : Upendra Madhav Producer : Bharath Chowdary

STORY LINE : Kalyan(Kalyan Ram) may be a happy go lucky youth United Nations agency falls dotty with Indu(Kajal). He proposes to her however Indu rejects him and trigger off to her village. Kalyan follows her and requests Indu’s family for her hand. this can be the time once Indu’s dad(Jaya Prakash Reddy) throws a challenge at Kalyan associated asks him to become an MLA and so marry his female offspring. Why did Indu’s pater raise Kalyan to become associate MLA? can Kalyan take up the challenge? and the way will he become associate MLA is that the whole story of the film.


1. Kalyan Ram is ideal within the central character of MLA. He appearance quite handsome and slot in his style and carries his role sincerely. Kalyan Ram has improved lots together with his performance and mouth all the mass dialogues with ease. All his confrontation scenes with Ravi Kishen are dead well.
2. Kajal appearance beautiful as continuously and also the whole story revolves round her. Performance wise, she has nothing a lot of to try and do however Kajal will her best in no matter she gets. Posani generates some laughs here and there.


1. MLA is yet one more routine industrial drama that has nothing unaccustomedsupply. an equivalentpreviousplot, hero difficult the villain and serving to the village individualsare showcased in several films up to now.

2. The story of the film solely kick starts throughout the interval purpose and until then the proceedings that ar showcased arslightly below average. The method Kalyan Ram and his gang cheat Ajay appearancesomewhat silly. a lot ofromance ought toareadditional between Kajal and Kalyan Ram to form things higher.
VERIDCT : On the total, MLA could be a routine industrialperson with some sensible moments here and there. The confrontation scenes between Kalyan Ram and Ravi Kishan and a fewtight emotions area unit major assets. there’s nothing new that this film showcases and every onepeople whodon’t mind this issueand wishto observe a typical mass masala picture show, this film is for them. Others will look out for higherchoices. Rating : 3/5
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