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Sivaji Rao(Nagarjuna) may be a Hyderabad primarily based officer United Nations agency is announce in Bombay to handle the case of a corrupted cop referred to as Pansari. Sivaji with success manages to arrest Pansari however the latter uses all his influence and comes out of the jail and joins back in his duty. This time, he becomes even additionaldeadly and starts targeting Sivaji. remainder of the story is on however Sivaji handles all his issues and yet againproves that Pansari is truly a criminal within the disguise of a cop.

Nagarjuna appearance super match and handsome in his role of a cop. once an extended gap, you get to envision him in AN aggressive role and also the star actor will well and anchors the film fully. All his scenes together with his girlsquare measure nicely dead. The film starts off with a promising note because the 1st 10 minutes square measureriveting. The first 0.5 has some sensible moments that includes the city police setup as RGV has managed to induce an honestsearch for the film. sure investigation scenes look attention-grabbing and are formed well within the half.

One of the largest drawbacks of the film is that the main villain. RGV ought to have chosen a stronger or a best-knownactor to create things attention-grabbing. Not even in one scene will the villain produce any impact on the audience and is in no approach appropriate face Nag in several scenes. After beginning the film on a riveting note, RGV’s narration goes for a toss throughout the half. the way within whichthe most villain joins his duty, makes Nag a section of his team and therefore the numerous turns of events don’t seem to be that attention-grabbing.
The fundamental drama that could be a highlight of all RGV films is missing during thisfilm. The climax is stretched to no extent by showcasing the hand fight between the hero and villain. The supporting characters contend don’t produce any depth to the proceedings. RGV’s narration lacks focus as a stimulating script gets disobedient and therefore the impact is lost within the transit.

On the full, Officer could be a sensible script gone wrong quite a movie. RGV’s story plan is attention-grabbing however his narration isn’t that exciting. Weak villain, not thus participating hero-villain moments and lack of drama hamper the flow of the film. this is often not a disaster quite a movie from RGV however the proceedings don’tseem to be that exciting too. aside from Nag’s sincere performance, this film has nothing new supply. All those that need to examine Nag in AN aggressive avatar once an extended time will offer this film an attempt however the remainder willrummage around for one thing else brighter.

Cinemaizm Rating : 2.5/5

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