All You Need To Know About India’s 4th Gold Medallist ‘Ragala Venkat Rahul’ | Cinemaizm

All You Need To Know About India’s 4th Gold Medallist ‘Ragala Venkat Rahul’ | Cinemaizm

Commonwealth Games 2018 start ayinapattinundi andari drusti tana mede, elaganna esari manalni tala ettukune chestadu ani yavath bharadhesam eduru chusindi. Anukunatu gaane, tanu gold medal gelichi mana tri-colour flag inka proud feel ayyela chesadu. He is none other than 21-year old Ragala Venkat Rahul.

ragala venkat rahul 4th gold medallist

He became India’s 4th gold medallist at Commonwealth Games 2018. He participated in the 85kg category of weightlifting, Rahul lifted a combined total of 338 kg (151 kg in snatch and 187 kg in clean and jerk) and tops the list. Since the day 1, Rahul e games lo andari surprise chestu manchi form lo unadu.

ragala venkat rahul

Rahul hailed from the Guntur district of Andra Pradesh. Rahul puttindi Stuartpuram, ani AP lo unte oka small place lo and e place quite popular for its crime rate. Asalu weightlifting ki tinu introduce aindi and training anta complete chesindi Telangana Sports School, Hyderabad. His father, Madhu Ragala, was a former kabaddi player and weightlifter who had to give up on his dreams due to poverty. Tana lage, tana koduku kuda ala akadito agipodadani, tanani e school lo cherpinchalani chala try chesaru. But admission test fail ayadu, with the help of Manikyala Rao, coach of the sports school, he got admission into it. School level tarvata chala ibbandulu padadu.

ragala venkat rahul

At the age of 17 years, Rahul, youth and junior categories of the Commonwealth Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championship 2013 lo gold medals sampadinchi tana first international level competitions lo success ayadu. And Rio Olympics ki prepare avtuna time lo, vala mother ki health issue ravadam valla, he didn’t prepare well and lost the chance. And adi chala disappointment time Rahul ki. But ala ani ekkada nirutsaha padakunda, inka chala kastapadi prepare ayadu.

4th gold medallist rahul

His inspiration is Karnam Malleswari, India’s first ever woman medallist in the Olympics (Bronze, Weightlifting, 2000 Sydney Games). Asalu Karnam Malleswari gari valle, he got entered into the world of weightlifting.

ragala venkat rahul

2017yr lo Commonwealth Senior Weightlifting Championship avadatam valla 2018yr lo jarigina commonwealth game lo select ayyadu. Mokali noppitho badapaduthunna Rahul Gold Coast lo jariguthunna match lo palgonnadu. Kaani asalu confidence pokunda, chala kastapadi, e games lo heart and soul peti adadu and gelichadu.

ragala venkat rahul

Vela father Rahul tho agipokunda, tana tammudu Varun ni kuda weightlifting training ipistunadu and he is also making the country proud. The Andra Pradesh Government was highly pleased with the 21-year-old’s surging talent and success, rewarded Rahul with Rs 15 lakh rupees and also Pawan kalyan rewarded with Rs 10 lakhs on behalf of Janasena party. Athani anthima kala Olympic medal sadinchindi.

pawan tweet on rahul gold medallist

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