Ram charan Rangasthalam Movie Review | Sukumar | Devisriprasad | Samantha | Cinemaizm

Ram charan Rangasthalam Movie Review | Sukumar | Devisriprasad | Samantha | Cinemaizm

Movie             : Rangasthalam
Starring          : Ramcharn
Director          : Sukumar
Producer        : Mythri Movie Makers
Releasing on : 30 March 2018

STORY : Ram Charan (Chittibabu) a deaf by birth is that the supporter for fields within the Rangasthalam village because the1985 amount story rolls United Nations agency understands others speak by observance their lip movements. He happens to satisfy Ramalakshmi(Samantha)and falls soft on internet. Incidentally village president for thirty years Phanidra Bhupati(Jagapathibabu) a tyrant far-famed for fleecing farmers conjointly slaps an important penalty on Ramalakshmi father.

Recently Kumar adult male ( Adi Penishetty) returns from urban center to village and launched a campaign against deception of Phanidhra Bhupati . He conjointly files nomination for council sarpanch elections .What happens next, what’s Kumarbabu link with Chittibaby ,Will Ramalakshmi settle for Chittibabu’s love, United Nations agency wins within the Rangasthalam council polls ? square measure a number of the queries which might get a solution within the cinema halls solely

Performance of Actors : 

  Ram Charan acting as Deaf boy Chitti babu is rattling in his debut role of a distinct kind, His dialogues in Godavari slant. My name is Chiitti babu, engineer for entire village. If each one will hear sounds, to Maine it solely is visible. ‘he says usually’ captivating his fans and every one age audiences. He has with success represented the humor, emotions, temper and anger of the helpless person terribly capably .More significantly in action scenes his performance is unbelievable. His Terpsichore within the song-Jigel Rani is admittedly extremely. His fans conjointly joined him within the theaters.

  Samantha has place up a distinct quite emotional dent into her acting skills and her pairing with Ram Charan has additional excitement within the film. Any body else would have bee a unusual person within the film.

  TV anchor Anasuya role, her glamour and dress sense is additionally another highlight of the film.

  Adi vogue and performance as Kumar man is thrilling significantly Adi and Charan sequel scenes.

  Negative role by Jagapathi man as Village president and villain has elevated his standing within the trade .

  Puja Hegde has excited the item song Jigal blue blood with Ram Charan each in glamour

Plus Points :

  • Ramcharan Acting
  • Samantha Acting
  • Music
  • Action Scence
  • Story

Minus Points :

  • Second Half Very Slow

FINALLY : The 1980 amount story with specialist in landholder feudalism and one man despotism with atrocities of a village president for last thirty years. A challenge comes from no wherever with an informed youth WHO is power-assisted by the native hero defeats the robust president. A commercial film in set in rural background has re-written the success story at the box workplace. First half is dedicated to antics of Chittibabu and Ramalakshmi and additionally highlights their scenes of mock-love-hate and additionally the injustices and atrocities of the village president exposed by the youth Kumara babu. The second is additional business with comic scenes, Charans acting etc. really Sukumar has provided ample food for all audiences – a decent combnation of music, filming, lyrics, acting and at last administrators interventions.

Cinemaizm Rating : 3.75/5

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